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A Memoir

JUL 11, 2019

Closure is a made up thing invented by Steven Speilberg to sell movie tickets.

A small acceptance could make someone’s life. For not every closet is Narnia.

Let me begin by saying - Thank you IITR, for giving me the best four years of my life. From first year to now, Roorkee has shaped my personality in unimaginable ways - and I doubt I would have got the same exposure anywhere else.

Writing this memoir takes me back to the first day at R-land standing in a long queue waiting for my turn to officially start living my dream.

Dear Roorkee, I never really wanted you to be a part of my life. Four years ago, I remember feeling like I had no other option except you - like I had to settle for you.

We left home for Roorkee at around 4:30 AM on 23rd July 2015 as I secretly made an entry in my diary, ‘Time to live the dream’.

I loved painting with my fingers as a 7 year old, playing guitar till I bruised my fingers as a 12 year old, and deveining prawns with my granny for her curry as a 15 year old.

I have never been much for vocal expression of my emotions, but I guess that is one of a million things that Roorkee changed about me.

Humans are today the most dominant species on the planet and it wasn’t always the case. It is because we developed a unique evolutionary advantage: our ability to socialize and communicate complex ideas using a language.

I remember my first morning at IIT Roorkee as I woke up to witness a procession of dogs marching into the room since the door had been accidentally left open and apparently, the dogs saw that as an invitation to my humble RJB abode.