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As I set about the task of writing this memoir, I find myself plagued by the melancholy realization that nothing I ever write will do justice to my time at Roorkee

I have realised that each one of us lives in an equally kaleidoscopic world, the protagonists of our own stories.

So, it began on a Monday morning @ 10:00 am, when I finally got a chance to enter my dream world in real life.

The more my memories take me back, the more I feel like this has to be a letter. This is a letter to my college days,


AUG 7, 2021

I am very glad that my college degree stipulated that I graduate in four years. However, if someone had told me when I was in my second year that I had an option to graduate then,

A Memoir of Sorts

AUG 19, 2020

Four years ago, around this time, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do in life. I wish I could still say the same thing.

This is an account of how I felt during college years, rather than what exactly I did in college.

It was March of 2018. We had butterflies in our stomach and adrenaline continuously rushing through our blood.

I’m sad today as this journey is ending. Although, you are the stepping stone of my life and I don’t want to leave you now but, there was a part of me that never wanted to come to you in the first place. I feel warm in your arms now.

You’ve left that room, that place, that safe haven. Do you feel anything? Do you feel different? Are you really oblivious to the fact that you will never be at that place where you spent 1500 days of your life?

A Memoir

JUL 11, 2019

Closure is a made up thing invented by Steven Speilberg to sell movie tickets.

A small acceptance could make someone’s life. For not every closet is Narnia.

Let me begin by saying - Thank you IITR, for giving me the best four years of my life. From first year to now, Roorkee has shaped my personality in unimaginable ways - and I doubt I would have got the same exposure anywhere else.

Writing this memoir takes me back to the first day at R-land standing in a long queue waiting for my turn to officially start living my dream.

Dear Roorkee, I never really wanted you to be a part of my life. Four years ago, I remember feeling like I had no other option except you - like I had to settle for you.

We left home for Roorkee at around 4:30 AM on 23rd July 2015 as I secretly made an entry in my diary, ‘Time to live the dream’.

I loved painting with my fingers as a 7 year old, playing guitar till I bruised my fingers as a 12 year old, and deveining prawns with my granny for her curry as a 15 year old.

I have never been much for vocal expression of my emotions, but I guess that is one of a million things that Roorkee changed about me.

Humans are today the most dominant species on the planet and it wasn’t always the case. It is because we developed a unique evolutionary advantage: our ability to socialize and communicate complex ideas using a language.

I remember my first morning at IIT Roorkee as I woke up to witness a procession of dogs marching into the room since the door had been accidentally left open and apparently, the dogs saw that as an invitation to my humble RJB abode.