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IIT Roorkee: Not a dream!

June 21, 2022
- Ashutosh Bharambe

As I had my last journey from Govind Bhawan to the Main Gate, the memories started flashing. When I’d look back, I’d rather not say, “IIT Roorkee you were a dream,” because I enjoyed living each and every moment of it. I came here as a very introverted person, who’d rather keep it to himself, however, if I tell this to anyone from my batch now, they will find it hard to believe. And yes, that is the effect this place has brought in. From an introverted person, who was so shy to talk to his room neighbors, I went on to perform a Stand-Up in front of a packed convocation hall, and this was just my first year here!

What do I share? My memories? My journey or my learnings? And how do I sum up this in a memoir? I’ll give it an honest try, though.

When I was in my first year, there was this wave of enthusiasm around me, “try new things”. This was the time when I gave an audition for the Dramatics Section, and that gave me a lot of confidence. I got in, but things didn’t work out. Then came the CineSec (Neither I nor cinesec knew what this journey was going to be).

Also, this was the time I came across a set of these crazy people that was going to be my friend circle for the rest of my life (yeah, I believe it will stay!). I used to not worry much about academics and exams because I used to study with these guys. And as I say, “Inke saath padhne se taiyaari ho na ho, himmat toh bohot aajati hai’’. The good thing about my peer circle is, that they don’t give up. And I am not talking about achievements, academics or sports or something like that, They don’t give up on people. For the first time I realized, it’s alright to be vulnerable, they’ve got my back.



I spent a lot of time with this set of very like-minded talented people at SDSLabs. I had a special bond with the seniors here. Throughout my time here I learned and worked on a lot of things. The lab in SAC used to be my happy place for a long time, whenever I needed to cut myself off from my current surroundings, I used to find peace there. I had a wonderful bond with these people, the untimely ‘chaapos’ and ‘gyaan’ did play an important part in shaping who I am today.


Most of my second year was spent learning academic things, performing stand-ups and improvs, and hanging out with my friends. Oh, and I met some wonderful new people in the form of my ECE juniors. It was around this time, I gave writing a try. I was intimidated to start writing. I believe writing opens your heart and mind to the world. And I think, in some sense, it still gives me comfort. I decided to write my first script for Cinesec, “Tasveer”. But unfortunately, as I completed it, COVID arrived to destroy my plans.

Lockdown was very tough at the start. For one, IITR changed the old me that could live alone! I was so accustomed to being around friends by then, that I found it really difficult to adjust. But again, as I said, these people don’t give up. I found a sense of comfort in these conference calls, discord sessions, and online meetings. Be it discussing the class assignment or cursing one’s internship manager every session just made us closer.

When I finally came back to campus in my fourth year (Well we came back for a short trip before the second wave, but that wasn’t much) I knew the time was minimal now. But in this limited time, I met so many new people. And you know that these people existed as awesome as they are now, and you just haven’t met them. There’s just so much more to life than work! I had my one Govind Bhawan family (or, as they call it, the “S-Lane”) and one Cinesec family. Both had one thing in common: they were full of party animals! Late-night editing sessions, chai sessions, shoot days, and celebration parties! Cinesec, you have my heart <3. So, acting in a play checked, finishing a dream project checked, and performing the last standup checked! All that was left was to cherish the memories I made.


For those who might have found this tedious, here’s to sum it up. IITR gave me confidence, friends, and memories. To all the juniors, as cliche as it may sound! Try new things, and meet new people, and you will realize the beauty of this place.

Roorkee, you have taught me it’s okay to fall, it’s better to get up. It’s fine to be vulnerable, it’s important to enjoy! It’s good to have new experiences outside of your comfort, and whenever you feel low, it’s best to go to your friends! For me, Roorkee was always about the people I met here!