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People generally assume that folks majoring in plain sciences are not well-equipped to pursue a “non-core” career. One of the reasons I am writing this intern diary is to fix this bug!

I knew that there were very few prospects of getting an on-campus internship in core engineering. Knowing this, I was fully focused on getting a research internship in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Last summer, I interned as a Software Development Engineer with Slice. No, Katrina Kaif never endorsed it. That was a soft beverage company. This is a fintech startup redesigning financial experiences for Gen Z and Millennials.

Despite working from home, my internship was a valuable learning experience. It taught me more about the field of software development and a few of the technologies used, and how to collaborate with team members and mentors to accomplish a goal...

My attempt to summarize the mind-boggling journey I have had in the summer of 2022, from being a designer to shifting into the field of machine learning and economics to landing a research internship at the University of Manitoba via MITACS Glo...

I decided to pursue research as a career in the summer of 2021, just a few months before the internship season. While working for two years in the UAV and sustainability domain, I found my niche in Artificial Intelligence.

Internship season marks the beginning of one of the most crucial periods in a student’s life. It would not be an understatement to say that it was a tumultuous time for all, but it just so happened to work out well in the end. The three of us (...

Not having a GPA that could get me one of the research internship programs that would solely focus on the grade point, I decided to go all in when the application for Mitacs GRI opened.

I appreciated the work at ITC, and could see how someone could flourish in such an environment, however, I found myself out-of-place over there. The 2 months I spent working there taught me a lot about what I don’t want to do.

I gained more insight into what goes into research than I ever thought possible in a 12-week-long internship.

Grinding DSA all day for months, a nerve-wracking intern season and finally joining Citibank as a Technology Summer Analyst Intern. It certainly was a roller-coaster ride. The takeaways are immense, and the journey also holds several life lesso...

I chose EPFL because of the university, professor, and my interest. The journey to it is what I will remember forever. A branch changer, an introverted guy like me, wanted to explore many things in my second year.

The internship season is an amazing experience. The tedious tests, late-night crash courses, and those nerve-wrenching interviews. Knowing what I wanted wasn’t on the table in this process, I chose the road less taken.