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For The Last Time: You mean a lot <3

August 9, 2023
- Aayushi mittal

I don’t know if I will be able to accrue these 4 years in a memoir or not, but I’ll definitely give it a shot. Before joining college, I always thought of it as a set of KJo’s films; full of romance, drama, action and obviously fights; where every day is a new adventure, you don’t know what’s gonna happen; where you live by yourself every moment. And I will be lying if I say movies are different from reality. Indeed IIT Roorkee was a dreamland that stood up for my every dream.

My Journey

I never joined college for being successful; yes, it was in the back of my mind but it was never the first priority. I want to explore whether this excessively open-minded girl will be able to fit in or not, I want to try how it feels to face failure, I want to know how it is to be among strangers who make you feel like home and fortunately, I lived a whole life in these 4 years. I don’t know where to start. Should I start with my friendships or my learnings or my failures or my trips? Okay… I’ll go with my family.


This is the first and only group I joined in IITR (PS:- I was too lazy to join anything else). I remember, there were practice sessions for ‘Colours Trophy’ going on and I didn’t go for practice as I was not in the best of my mind. I missed their multiple calls for 3 days in a row and didn’t even reply to their messages. I was very scared when I was going to practice on the 4th day but the only thing my seniors asked me was “Where were you? Are you okay?” and that was the moment when I left some part of me with them. I owe my first year to this family. From studying for exams, watching movies, and doing practice, to having uncountable chapos, we did it all together. Although things were not the same after covid, this family blessed me with some of the most generous humans who loved, guided, and supported me. 1st year

And ya, Groups are like family, they will be your strongest support in these 4 years. To my Taekwondo family, I have never said but I will forever be grateful for the team and the love that you all bestowed upon me. Undoubtedly, I was pampered like a child here.


“From your lifelines” — this was written on one of my birthday presents and this is really the truth. I never wanted to make lifelong friends here but I didn’t realize when I got so close to them. Just like our hand has 3 main lines, my college life was surviving on my three lifelines, especially during covid. Ya, ya.. relax, my life was a cake, definitely, but not smooth and sweet like its surface, it was layered and unfolded itself with time. Sometimes, it was the sweetest, but sometimes it tasted like hell. Everyone messes up things, and so did I. Some friends stayed, some left; some expected friendships failed and some unexpected happened; some lovers became ‘just friends’ and some ‘just friends’ came close, and in between, I became who I am. In this fairyland, I met some of the fairies (some male as well) who were more generous and considerate than stories can ever explain; people who stood by me, who fought for me, who showered me with love, who took care of me more than I can ever ask for and who proved that they are ‘just a call away.’ You really mean a lot to me, guyz… ❤

1st year


Trips are ‘oregano and chilli flakes’ which make your college pizza spicy and enjoyable. You learn a lot when you wake up at 3 am to catch a bus at 5 pm for Chopta (A heaven without nightlife). You become more confident when you can ride the scooty on hills with rain piercing your face and wind taking the helmet away. You laugh for years for the moment when you turned and the breathtaking breeze took your specs away, or when you were just a minute away from getting killed by your You lay the foundation of lifelong bonds when you sit together to watch the mesmerizing sunset or just talk for the whole night without getting bored. You tie the unseen ties when you lay your head on someone’s lap to take a break from the tiring day. With every trip, you become more strong and independent. Trips are the best way to invest time and money. You will always end with some amazing stories to boast about.

1st year


These are some learnings that I can pass on to my juniors.

  • Maintain a decent CG (It’s a must).
  • Join at least 2-3 groups, you will admire them forever.
  • Don’t try to grab everything that comes in your basket but don’t leave anything that takes you towards your goal.
  • Try everything unconditionally, whether you want it or not, you will gain experience. But do remember to make it a habit ‘consciously’.
  • Don’t sit idly in your room, just go for a walk alone, if you don’t have anything else to do.
  • And the last and most important - Invest in friendships.

This journey is not plain, there will be ditches, hills and rivers as well. When rivers take you away, hold onto the shore to see if anyone is left behind. When ditches are there, grab your friends tight and jump together. And when you have to climb hills, climb together. Take out time from your busiest days for a tea break. Take out tears from my heavy eyes to ease your heart. Whenever you feel low, just hug someone, it does work as an instant therapy. IITR is home for everyone that stays there, not because of the place but because of the people. Just remember, everything that is happening around you is teaching something, seize it!!!



‘The Buddies’ - I had 3 mothers in college and you all didn’t make me forget this even for a second. My girl gang was indeed my comfortable space and I hope will always be.

‘Let’s Do Something’ - You were my stress and my stress buster as well. All the outings, trips, fights and masti will always stay with me and with that, you all. My college life revolves around you and whatever I got from it, is because of you all. Love you all to the moon and back. 1st year

‘The Trio’ - You all are the ‘bestest’ people that any place can offer anyone. You hold me like the ocean that takes every drop of rain, irrespective of how harsh it is. Stay there always <3

‘Extended_RR_Cheer’ - Having all-nighters with you all had its own fun. You were the ‘Spice Box’ of my college that added too many flavours to it. I will always cherish the time I spent with you.

‘14th trip’ - I don’t even remember the name but this is the group, I am a part of without being a part of. Thanks for welcoming me with open arms. I hope I will be remembered.

‘Machana Hai’ - The information centre, the wellness centre and the chit-chat centre, it was all in one. Please let me stay there even if I don’t watch the suggested movies or I am too lazy to read and reply. #puppy_face

And the last, to two special girls, who gave me the warmest hugs when I needed them the most. You stay directly in my heart without sharing it with anyone.


I hope I was successful in passing the love and care to my juniors that I got from you. You were the reason that I can call this place my home, from my first day. Thanks for being there.


‘Fab 5’ - You all are awesome, not to forget my fav junior of labs. Stay the same <3. All I can say to you all is-

”Take it with a smile, live it with heart and return it back multifolds. We are leaving behind the heritage for you, cherish it with all you have and I assure you that it will never fail you.”


I met some of the best and worst teachers here. I hope I will be able to absorb what you all taught me. Maybe someday, I will make you proud.


You gave me much more than what I had expected. You gave me memories, lessons, tests, confidence and my lifelines. You taught me that it’s okay to fall. You taught me that it’s tough but you can always get up. “You made me what I am and I am proud of that.”

Sitting under your shade in front of your heart (the main building), where you shared some of your deepest secrets and hardest lessons, will always be my favourite memory of you. You are reflected in me. I will be forever grateful to you for gifting ‘myself’ to me.

1st year

With this, a Boring girl signing off as a Beamer !!!

(You will be missed a lot, IITR)