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Days Numb and Broke/Your Deputy

July 6, 2022
- Kanhaiya Maddhesiya

Two years of Students’ Welfare > Four years of Student Politics.

I have much to say, a lot to write, but I’ve been perplexed and emotionally overwhelmed. Writing a sign-off post has been a long due over the catalogue. I could never realise it would prove itself as worthless since what is worth has already been done!

Probably it’s better to keep things open than to conclude them with your signature. It’s nothing less than a report card you feel bad about. I know I will regret this. I know I shall not be able to give justice to the time I’ve had.

But apparently, there is a weird canon to writing a memoir if you want your journey to be remembered. And why in the world should I risk my relevance? :)


So here I go.

It all started with Aviral and Dubey cornering me in the B-415 balcony, lecturing me about commitment, loyalty, and brotherhood. They are articulate, meticulous with what they say and needless to mention, they convinced me to work alongside Chopra. (Shivam Chopra- EE’ 2021, Convener SAC 2020-21)

राह चलते कोई ख्वाब मिला था

बेताब बेकरार मिला था

बेवजह बेहिजाब मिला था

That’s how it all started. 2 years of grind, discipline, and repeat. 2 years of people (too many of them), promises, and philosophy. 2 years of doing everything I could, leading every single idea that came into my mind. (We decided to design a Personality Development workshop under EESS out of nowhere just to fit Prakhar Gupta, a fairly interesting Youtuber, as we wanted him as a guest. It was a hit.)

SAC 2022 results were overwhelming. The mandate we got was historical. (IITR never saw an election without opposition). 15th of June will be very, very close to my heart. It was the victory of relentless hard work, intense passion, monk-like commitment, and sacrifices I shouldn’t write about.


But let’s give you a sneak peek though-

I was physically attacked by an OYO employee who was drunk; this obviously could’ve led to a bad worksheet that might terminate their contract and hence I cried, cried like a child over the possibility of other OYO employees losing jobs due to the contract termination. I had spent a good amount of time with guards, housekeeping staff and other workers. I remember I’ve been woken up several times with their protests, they would all come to my lane and gather. That’s how they would protest. Peak of what I’d call ‘Roorkee days’, days numb and broke.

I remember I had no choice but to skip 3 of my farewells due to the Bhawan days; had to avoid most of the parties/meetups to sort students’ concerns, and had to prioritise duty over anything else while making choices that hurt my friends-family.

I still remember I ran from mid of the Class song shoot to sort one of the Bhawan day timings. I just ran and cared about nothing at that point. I remember choking due to the heat. I didn’t even care. I proudly owned a smile while returning back to shoot. It was the first Bhawan day after all these years. ( Will Smith from TPoH flashback ).

And there are other stories, unheard. Stories that’d remain with people close to me, stories that shall grace meetups and that’ll make us all giggle at housewarming parties.

The Visible is but a fair, bright vale

That winds around the great Invisible;


Things were never too vague, critical, or embarrassing. I was super clear about my choices. I never even tried for work-life balance. I never felt the need for it.

I might have made intelligent selections in pursuit of something noble and pure. Something that could end up shaping my moral code. (Take a bow, Acharya Prashant)

I have been the happiest these three years. I have been in a flow I could never imagine I would be in, ever again.

Initiatives kept happening. Opportunities eventually showed up, people volunteered and came forward to be a part of the movement, the revival. (as Manu loved to mention) Manu Garg, Convener SAC 2021-22.


And goddamn, we did things.

We started with formation of 4 Department Committees, restructuring EESS, revival of Academic Council and formation of the Outreach cell in 2020.

I always had a bunch of friends. Friends who could gauge my excitement and say “Han han, sorted h, karte hai ye’’. Friends who were equally excited.

In 2021, we did UPSC talk series, PDP, managed IITR Open forum, worked for the S grade proposal and Noida-Saharanpur stay during the pandemic. We also planned for the Phase-wise Campus reopening, return travel arrangements during the COVID 2nd wave.

2022 was an open playground, in short, it was fun. The hostel council kicked off 2022 with formation of Bhawan Councils; went on with allotment of Canteens/Tapri, started Bhawan days/Intra Bhawan Sports, operated MMC, collaborated with various Campus groups to promote sustainability, took part in Commercial establishment allotment, Bhawan App adoption, initiation of Married Hostel App, Project Shepherd, Security reforms and several other gazillion initiatives.


Sadly, the world waits for just the results- to fill up the story books and stack up the glory numbers, but the eternal truth is you live it only when you live it; and you live it in the fight.

And we won every single one of them, every single fight of the battle we chose to be in. We had the numbers, numbers that speak of mandate, perseverance, and glory.

23 Bhawan Council members, 8 DAPCs, and 8/8 SAC members is not an ordinary report sheet. I hope we retain it, with the values and humility, with the same confidence and the head held high.

नशा आसमान का जो चूमता तुम्हे, हसरते तुम्हारी नया जन्म पाती

खुद दूसरे जन्म में मेरी उड़ान छूने, कुछ दूर तुम भी साथ साथ आते

The only duty I think a great leader ought to follow is to create and nurture great leaders, a bunch of them, motivated to serve, to change, with a growth mindset towards themselves and the institute.

I am glad I have been able to do that. The new SAC is visionary and probably might do things I’d never paved the path for.

To them- You’ll get to know if you’ve been good simply by observing whether things have started happening without your efforts; that’s how phenomenal leaders are, creating organisations that eventually run themselves.

(If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much;)

Too much has been said. Words won’t speak unless you act, get things done.

SAC Roorkee would be a memory to cherish. When the frail Kanny wouldn’t even walk straight, these times would light up his eyes. And when all the dreams are achieved and all goals accomplished, there will remain a happiness hidden behind all that is glorious. And at times when I would suffer from existentialism, I would remind myself of the timelessness Roorkee offered.


For the people🙏


I am deeply saddened to end this. I wish it never did.