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See you again

July 4, 2023
- Praharsh Kumar

I remember when I came to Roorkee, I was terrified that how am I going to survive in this place which is so underdeveloped as I had done my JEE coaching in Delhi. Although the main building and library made me slightly happy, I was still not convinced that I belong here. But I didn’t know at that point of time that people are the key factor to making the place how it is.

1st year Freshers ball night with C block friends

1st year Birthday celebrations in RJB with a lot of GPL

First year at Rajendra was one of the most fulfilling experiences I had, all of your friends living in a close vicinity of yours. I was in C block which was secluded from the main area of Bhawan(so secluded I used to go to washing room on cycle :P) hence there was much peace and people used to gather in a single room either dancing, gaming, reading( the rooms of my friends were renamed as gaming room, reading room, party room) which brought us very close and many of my present good friends were made during that time. Living on the ground floor also gives you access to badminton matches that used to happen on the back side of my room which also introduced me to very different people of the bhawan who were living far away.

1st year In Committee room in Main Building just before the pitch

In the early days of my second semester when I pitched the Director the idea to form ECO Group he was very welcoming and he also mentioned about it in his Republic Day speech, and it got started where I put my most of the available time. 1st year Meeting friends from college in Varanasi

Even though more than half of my college life was spent at my home I don’t think I missed anything significant of it. I got to know many people from college with whom I had interacted sparingly earlier through memes and e-meets. Also one of my closest friends used to live in the same city so we used to hangout whenever we wanted to get a feel of campus.

1st year Post Covid ECO Group initial members meetup @CCD

1st year Post Covid ECO Group members meetup @DT

One of the crucial things happened while COVID period was going on was that I had to build ECO Group from scratch building a team of quality people and do things related to campus from 1000km+ away. So the initial team(4 members) used to brainstorm or do collaborative work almost daily which strengthened our bond very much. And when the team grew, bonding with different members grew even further.

1st year The view I loved the most, Post rain from my room

1st year My room lit up with people,music and light : )

Post COVID, I enjoyed being in a single room, I decorated it with lights and set up a music system and met juniors of bhawan and a branch there. Being a single child I always feel the juniors are like my siblings, I tend to give them chapos, help them in any way possible and used to hear their stories which strengthened our bond.

1st year Rishikesh trip which was planned a day ago

1st year RKB tapri just before the rush

Placement season was quite tough and full of thrills, since my profile was Product Management/Product Design I had to make decks of a problem statement in 2-3 days and sometimes 2 PPTs together in that tight schedule even with exams on next day(but I managed to get a day for rishikesh trip with friends in between to balance the stress :) ). So, I had to sit down the whole day and only social gathering i used to witness while I was at RKB tapri @2am waiting for half an hour to get a single masala patties.

1st year Last day parties

1st year Trip to Mumbai with EPH and pseudo EPH folks

1st year Last day parties

After placements were done, I tried to get max out of the remaining college life, I went to multiple trips with different set of people, used to stay at my friends room which introduced me to even more people and many became close friends now.

1st year The scheduled meet of Designoors on my last day

cc To drop off friends @Railway station

1st year Had to dropoff some juniors as well as they left before :(

1st year Just before final departure

I planned my last days in a google sheet to make sure that I meet all the close friends whom I met in college and more importantly to click pictures with them, because I don’t know when will we be together again.I started going to Divine in last semester and in the last few days, only ‘23 batch folks were seen there so it was a great feeling to see all of us departing happily dancing together, not knowing who will be gone home tomorrow. In the end when my friends came to drop me off at the train I was able to hold back my tears just before some of them hugged me all at once and my eyes started raining, it was hard to control but luggage movement inside the train helped me. See you soon again IIT Roorkee.