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Down the Memory Lane

September 6, 2021
- Purvi Agarwal

So, it began on a Monday morning @ 10:00 am, when I finally got a chance to enter my dream world in real life. The dream which, as a JEE aspirant, I was seeing coming true with my eyes wide open. And today, after four years, I am writing this with wet eyes and a heavy heart.

My college life began with butterflies in my stomach, excitement, enthusiasm, dreams, and the inevitable nervousness of moving out of the home, away from the family. Being homesick and a bit introverted, it was difficult for me to match the culture of the place but then the fresher’s party happened. It was then when I met new people, got to know the lingo of the place, and started enjoying the beautiful campus and the awesome culture of the place I was in. It was only then when I started to get accustomed to this new way of life.

Undoubtedly, studies are one of the most important parts of college life, but it’s not the only one. Infinite chapos, Night-outs at the Ganga ghat, Ganga canal wale bridge ki lighting in the evening, sitting at the main building for hours with friends, birthday celebrations at Nesci, CCD ki coffee, daring to enter the church, and old Kasturbaat midnight are what makes college life unforgetful.

It may look like a bed of roses full of excitement, but it is not. This is actually a place where I entered as a student and exited as a professional. It has taught me how to manage assignments, classes, clubs and especially people all at once. It has been the place that has given me the opportunity to learn beyond academics and helped me to stand out from the crowd. It has actually made me what I will be for a major part of my life.


Studying in one of the best universities of the country brings pride in oneself, it also brings a sense of responsibility and expectations. Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle so many things at a time but then I think almost everyone passes these difficult tests of life with flying colors. And the main reason for this is the people around us. This Campus has given me an adorable community of friends and peers who will be with me for my entire life.


Graduation from IIT Roorkee is not only a step up in academics but also in life, in personality, in emotions, in the way of living. It is ones journey from a freshman to a senior. To summarize, it is a journey from fresher’s party and chapos from awesome seniors to the farewell party from the juniors, from never-ending assignments and sometimes boring lectures to amazing discussions with professors, from depressions of rejections to the happiness of being placed.

An engineering degree is not the only thing I received from IIT Roorkee. What I got are awesome people, lifelong learnings, and unforgettable memories.

I have been quite unfortunate that I could only live this life for two and a half years. And then everything became online, and it is not even worth comparing what college life actually is. I wish I could have got a chance to enjoy the final year of college, farewells, placement chapos, prom, convocation ceremony, and much more. But I pray for the upcoming batches that they don’t have to face this.