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Lived, Laughed, Loved and Left

June 11, 2022
- Saakshi Choudhary

Stepping into the gates of IIT Roorkee to explore the plethora of opportunities in this “Divine” land, a beautiful chapter of my new life began on July 19, 2018. The preview of which started 2 days before, when the 7th round of JoSAA declared my fate with Roorkee. I started surfing the internet for videos and pictures of the campus. Felt as if Google was obsessed with one architecture, “The James Thomson Building”. And why shouldn’t it be…

I still remember my first tour of the beauty
Under the scorching sunny day of July summers
It felt like spring, walking towards the main building.


Performing the ritual of clicking pictures near the main gate, hefty paperwork at convocation hall and meeting batchmates having the zeal to live every moment for the next four years was Day 1 all about. We signed on to avoid the treacherous points of Solani and stay in the safe haven of our campus but did the exact opposite. Just like Eve, we were too attracted to experience the forbidden fruit. But I cannot deny that the dawn of the night outs ending at Solani was unmatched.


By the time I was trying to understand all pieces of college life, I had blinked my first semester. Starting with orientation, intro talk, recruitment tests, introduction into groups, new friend circle, fresher chaapos, and Thomso with Mafia games as a +1 with most outing activity. I still remember going to attend the morning lecture (And the only lecture of that day, because no other classes have a compulsion of attendance) after the last day of Thomso in the same dress in which I attended the ‘pronite’, as I along with my friends fell asleep near the UG floor during the night out and woke up right before the lecture time.

In the second semester, I tried to engage with the workings of the clubs and groups I was involved with. My bonding with the group members became stronger while working together. I interacted with people from different walks of life and states; listening to their stories inspired me the most. Going to late-night canteens and taparis, discussing deep thoughts became a ritual with them, expatiating from fundamental to advanced topics. My personal favourite is the Cautley canteen… Sitting on the roads…Talking and singing… I remember when once a stranger joined us and played his guitar; we all jammed with him that night.


Sometimes it was necessary to be with oneself for a while, and that’s when I went to Library. I was fond of Library; it gave me my personal space yet surrounded me with people. I felt as if I was alone but not lonely. I loved sitting between areas of the bookshelves and spending time alone or sometimes with those closest to me. Things were going great, with endless trips and night outs as our main course; attending lectures remained a side dip. Then came the COVID-19 apocalypse breaking all my independence which I enjoyed for 4 semesters at Roorkee. But the bonds I created helped me to pass through the lockdown days. I was blessed to have a group of friends circle. The online exams were based on the “cooperate to dominate” strategy with friends sharing answers and passing the subjects.

The rebirth of my campus life was a blessing for my burdened soul, being guided towards a second chance to complete the most beautiful chapter of my life. Pandemic was not easy on anyone and tolled each individual to its extreme. And coming back to campus was just what I needed to feel alive and hopeful again.


It was not easy signing off those gates. Even the strongest person couldn’t hold back the tears when your friend left the campus for a new chapter in life. That last farewell is too painful. Counting every hour left before saying the final “Hasta La Vista.” Staying up all night and convincing them, “kyu Jaa raha/rahi itti jaldi…Matt jaa”, playing friend-themed songs and whimpering them with sobbing eyes. Finally going to the station …..letting them go, to whom you held on for your incredible four years.


“Main building milte hai”, “Students club aaja”, “Birthday celebration at Nesci”, and “SAC mein” still hits different. Thanks for all the spots, Roorkee; it was incredible making memories with the people I love. Looking around now at all the people who helped me become who I am today, I feel like I am saying goodbye. Still, I will carry every piece of each other in everything I do next. I owe a lot to the people, memories…. to Roorkee.


All I have ever wanted
Since the first time
I looked at you
is to keep doing
exactly that…. Forever!
I left too soon
I wasn’t finished loving you, Roorkee