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Memoir: May Hogwarts never change!

June 13, 2019
- Anchit Shukla

Writing this memoir takes me back to the first day at R-land standing in a long queue waiting for my turn to officially start living my dream. Being a socially introvert person that I had been till my Kota days, I just wanted to break that when I came here. I think I succeeded, though some people don’t think the same.


The day I posted this on facebook :D, to the day we parted ways, the world changed, people around me changed and I changed with them learning a life lesson almost every time I was shot with a challenge. But, with all the highs and the lows, these four years made me a person that I never thought I would be able to become. Thanks, Roorkee!

Thank you for providing me an opportunity to meet great, great people. For letting me learn from the experiences of my seniors, They are the ones who I credit for helping me enter the design world (they even placed bets on whether I would be coming back to work during my initial Cogni design days and told me this an eternity later). The journey that followed is what I would cherish throughout my life.

Thank you for imparting in me a selfless attitude which always helped me in helping people around. Sadly, the culture at IITR has now transitioned from a phase where people cared about other people but still, it exists in bits (I have had hours of long talks on the group culture that R-land has and how it has always brought people together). I hope that this selflessness would not cease to exist.

Thank you for the lifetime friendships. For the perfect locations that you provided to have conversations, some wise and some wicked. Earlier the main building area used to be the quietest place at night and I have had the most gyaan-ful discussions there watching the beautiful night sky.

Thank you for the most nalaayak juniors that I have had from Design Studio and Kshitij and thanks for making me learn to handle them. I must say that they will surely take the legacy forward and would achieve greater heights.

Thank you for helping me find occasions to explore myself. I never thought I would write a whole long poem and perform in a slam poetry event until you made me do it.

Thank you for making me immune to embarrassments and failures. Believe me, I have had many and I would suggest everyone in college to have one. It would help you find your best self.

Thanks to your geography Roorkee, I was able to measure distances in the north. Special mention to a pahadi person, who planned the most fun trips to the most peaceful places of Uttarakhand and thanks to Maggi for making the best noodles that always came to rescue. The North will be remembered.

A senior of mine in my freshman year told me that being in a college, you get to know people from 8 different batches and if you talk to even 10 percent of them(that’s almost 700 odd UG folks), you become an experienced individual right away. This, I tried to practice and I believe that a lot has been earned.

Thank you, Roorkee for being the amazing host that you were and I hope that you would always be the way you have been!