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I am Alive: A Memoir

July 16, 2023
- Vishnu V.V

I stood upon the campus edge, gazing back at buildings that had housed my soul for years untold. A pang of sorrow gripped my heart, knowing I’d never behold their grandeur again.

What IIT Roorkee had given me was resuscitation, a new whiff of life from my normal day at office. Something that I had long lost in the past. This was the place where I had run like a cat loose of its tether, this is the place where I had swam like a fish out of a net and flew like a bird out of a cage. A place that had made me feel like there was still some life left in me. I breathed the air like it was the last time, I never closed my eyes for I did not want to miss anything so fast, I walked on the grass barefoot to make myself realise that my life was not in the past.

The countless sleepless nights I had spent, I had wandered the campus, for I refused to allow the stars to paint their cosmic wonders upon the sky without my witness. Nor did I wish to miss the gentle blossoming of love in the hidden corners of this ethereal abode.

And as I embarked upon the precipice of departure, in the depths of my soul, tears welled up, for what I left behind was not mere experience, but a tapestry woven with threads of irreplaceable relationships. Alas, never would my eyes gaze upon those familiar faces, never again would

I bask in the warmth of their presence.

I am sure not a day will pass for the rest of my life without a day spent not thinking about this place at least for a second. One thing that no one can deny or take away from me are those memories of some special moments which will be locked deep in my bosoms till I breathe my last.

I owe my existence henceforth to this campus making me realize, I am alive.

To quote the words of William Wordsworth, “Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven.”

Thank you.