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Memoir of a Selenophile

July 18, 2020
- Priyanshi Mishra

Dear Roorkee,

I’m sad today as this journey is ending. Although, you are the stepping stone of my life and I don’t want to leave you now but, there was a part of me that never wanted to come to you in the first place. I feel warm in your arms now. I never really thought that you could make me feel this way because the start of our friendship was not an endearing one. You welcomed me with high humidity, scorching heat and AN khosla.

But it all began to change as your monsoon beauty washed away all my worries and apprehensions. Our friendship started getting better as I fell in love with the wholesome breakfast, late night strolling, unforgettable excursions by Himalayan Explorers’ Club, IITR lingo, killing boredom at student’s club, the calmness of Ganga, late night fun at cautley, enormous MGCL and much more that I cannot fathom. You gave me all that I needed vis-a-vis cool professors, well-equipped labs, never ending workshops, cerebral seminars, culinary club, fine arts section and most importantly a conducive environment for all my aspirations.

Since we met, you have completely changed for me. Obviously, in a good way. And I would very much like to thank you for:

Giving me a hard time adjusting to hostel life but at the same time, letting me take responsibilities for myself and handling the account all by myself.

Giving a garden facing room at Sarojini bhawan which helped me wake up early in the morning and kept me energized throughout the day to attend all the classes.

Making me realize that nothing can beat home cooked food by serving me a monotonous lunch and dinner all the time.

Helping me evolve through those never-ending challenges that kept coming my way and allowed me to embrace both the calmness of the night as well as the chaos of the morning.

The pocket friendly and really delicious snacks and music concerts at MAC, movies at convocation hall, festival celebrations at Saraswati temple that became one of the best ways to break the monotony and have fun.

Serving free beverages at Shiru café where I got a chance to relax after classes and enjoy great conversations with strangers, colleagues and friends.

All the bhawan days that gave me immense pleasure in wall painting, decorations, and getting a little bit too judgemental over other people’s contribution.

Introducing me to a grand Cult fest like “Thomso” where I got the chance to volunteer and participate in so many events.

Being my best friend, by giving me places to hide when I was sad and places to celebrate when I was happy.

However, I was sad that being a part of the batch of 2020, I’m not going to get a regular farewell or a chance to enjoy the prom night and convocation like other batches. We all are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic but I’m glad that I got a little bit more time to enjoy with you. It’s not a normal ending though. But, what’s the fun in being normal? I’m going away from you and surely going to miss you a lot.

With love, Priyanshi