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Know Your Cult: Music Section

December 24, 2018

With the Inter-IIT Cultural Meet being just a few days away, all cult sections are busy practising away. Watch Out dropped by each section of the Cultsoc to get a sneak peek into their practise regime and to find out their expectations from the meet.

How have been your practices for the Inter-IIT so far?

We practice from the afternoon all the way till midnight or sometimes even later.. It’s Inter-IIT so we are targeting higher, beyond what we do regularly in our shows. So yeah, it’s strenuous and it is demanding a lot from us.

What are the events that come under the music section in Inter-IIT?

There are three events. First is solo singing – two participants from each IIT. And there’s “Pair on Stage’.The team consists of a pair and they can do anything, like they can sing, loop, play the guitar etc and be as creative as possible.The last is our Band Performance which is most challenging as there are a lot of people and it’s difficult to maintain synchronisation.

So what do you think about your competition? Is it tough this time around?

It is extremely tough this time. Madras and Kharagpur are both extremely intimidating and strong teams. And we hope we beat them this time.In both the previous editions, we have been second. We will be trying our best to change that this time for the better.

The team

What problems have you faced, especially with respect to for Inter-IIT, considering you have only one room and so many different events?

The number of rooms is not really a constraint. The solo singing is something which we can practice at our own rooms also. We just need a tabla and a vocalist. So the room is not a constraint.

How has been the infrastructural and the technical support from the institute and Inter-IIT team?

Our chief advisor has been quite supportive. And in terms of equipment, we can’t ask for more. We just purchased a guitar and drum set. It’s very crucial for this event. We requested some special audio setup for the event as well, hoping that we will get it. Inter IIT team too is quite co-operative as well.

What were the challenges that you faced previously, that you are hoping to overcome or avoid this time?

We haven’t always found any new challenge. The challenges have remained same; getting a good mix and completing everything under a time constraint. If that doesn’t come right, the event doesn’t go well.

So who are the judges this time?

I don’t think it has been revealed yet. We have just given our proposal to the core team for the judges.

You have long practice hours. So how do you maintain the contingent dynamics among yourselves?

Everyone is quite motivated by themselves. We don’t have a lot of other things to do during vacations so we devote our time to the section and work towards putting an electrifying performance.