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Know Your Cult: Fine Arts

December 26, 2018

With the Inter-IIT Cultural Meet being just a few days away, all cult sections are busy practising away. Watch Out dropped by each section of the Cultsoc to get a sneak peek into their practise regime and to find out their expectations from the meet.

Tell us about the events which come under the Fine Arts section in Inter IIT.

There are 4 events which come under the fine arts. Actually the heads name is fine arts and design but there are only four events which are under the fine arts. Two events are under design. Our events are namely – costume design, live sketching, charcoal art and canvas painting.

So how is your preparation different for all four?

Costume design is a team event and a team of 6 will be participating in this event, so coordination is very important. That’s why, we called the team members to the campus 15 days before the Inter-IIT

The topic was given beforehand?

Yeah! Theme was decided a month prior to event and the theme was conveyed to the respective IITs. For charcoal art, theme is on the spot, and for that our strategy to practice is different. For example, in last Inter-IIT the theme was ‘Happiness’. We pick different words daily like afraid, fast, escape etc. and practise. We prepping so that the participants may not be ambushed by the theme on the spot. And for live sketching, we are most confident because our sketchers are really really good. We are expecting gold in live sketching.The theme of the costume design is futurism as in what the events in the future will be like. The practice is going really really well. See it’s not a team event, it’s an individual event. So our members have already started practicing for it way before Inter-IIT. And the last one is canvas painting for which the theme was decided a week before the event.

So do you guys practice together or do you practice in your rooms?

No, we practice together, at the section. We get the feeling of unity. In room everybody gets lazy. Seeing everybody is practice, keeps you motivated and charged up.

So how are the contingent dynamics among the fine arts members? How do you guys deal with the bad days?

We just deal with it. We don’t experience bad days too often. Whenever we are practicing, we are also playing some music that keeps our mood light.

So what are your expectations from the competition?

From the competition, we are expecting to learn a lot. When you are practicing alone, you don’t know what your scope of improvements are. When you participate in the competition, you see others’ skills and figure out the places where you lack. So we are expecting to improve a lot from this competition and hopefully, we’ll win too.

In what ways is this Inter-IIT cultural meet platform important for you section, in terms of growth and exposure?

This is just the second edition, and before this fine arts didn’t participate in any competitions. We just went to Rendezvous or Kashi Yatra, the other cultural fests of different IITs. Seeing different IITs come together and compete with one another, is a different kind of atmosphere. You get so much exposure and learn a lot from it.

Among your events which is the most challenging for your section to tackle?

I think that charcoal art is most challenging because the theme will be given on the spot. We will have to think of something to draw and execute it in four hours. So that’s difficult.

So how was the support from the administration and the Inter-IIT cultural team?

The support was really good and I think it was the best. All the material requirements were fulfilled by the team and they been supportive. All the queries have been clarified.

For the incoming teams, will you be providing material or is it the rule that you have to bring your own?

It’s different according to different events. For canvas painting, the paints have to be brought by the teams. In live sketching and charcoal, we’ll be providing the pencils. In costume design, we’ll provide the sheets but they can bring it along if they want to.

What was your flow of tackling these events?

We researched a lot. The initial seven or eight days were spent in researching as to what could be done to represent the theme and impress the judges.

Do you think our institute is infrastructurally well adapt to host such an event as Inter-IIT cultural meet?

Yeah I think it is. It’s quite spacious and fine arts events can be hosted really well.

What is the most fun and interesting part about the Inter-IIT?

Our contingent size is fifteen and when we are in a section there is a lot of brainstorming with people working passionately . To see all your juniors, seniors and colleagues tackle a problem and revel in the same art is what makes us elated.

Any funny incident that you want to share?

In costume design, fun incidents happen almost daily. Actually we have to decorate a person. Our team consists of 4 males and 2 females. And when the girls are not available, we try to experiment the dresses on the boys. And that is totally hilarious!

Any notes for the incoming teams?

We are expecting a really healthy competition and we are conducting it for the first time. So if there are any mistakes from our side, please overlook them. We are trying are best to avoid any errors or loopholes.