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Know Your Cult: Kshitij

December 26, 2018

With the Inter-IIT Cultural Meet being just a few days away, all cult sections are busy practising away. Watch Out dropped by each section of the Cultsoc to get a sneak peek into their practise regime and to find out their expectations from the meet.

What are the events under your purview how are the practices for them?

Under Kshitj, we have 4 events- English Slam Poetry and Kavyanjali Hindi Slam poetry, creative writing (hindi and english). For English slam, there is not much to practise so we 1-2 hours daily. It starts with the writing sessions. We brainstorm ideas, write the content and edit the pieces in multiple rounds. There are points for poetic language, clarity of message and vocabulary. Then we start working on voice modulation, emotions, body language, posture etc which determine the major impact of our performance.

Can you brief about the culture of slam poetry in IIT Roorkee?

Slam poetry is something very new to our campus. It was introduced 2 years back and from then Kshitij is trying to propagate it through various workshops, annual slam poetry fest where members of our section perform and friends of section (FOS) in which non-kshitij members can learn and perform on stage.

How an inter IIT platform will impact the culture of Slam Poetry?

Slam poetry is very new art in our campus and it’s something that we do for leisure. So when we will get a competitive platform like inter IIT, more people will get to know what the art is about. Writing is something that we do for leisure, it’s our hobby. But when we get a competitive platform we tend to work on the technicalities, put solid efforts, get to know where we stand, analyse where we lack which leads to our personal growth as well as improve the culture in our campus.

How has been the support of inter IIT core team for your event?

The interIIT team has been very supportive. All our demands have fulfilled and we have got very good judges. Our institute have a lot of auditoriums but not every stage is suitable for a spoken word event. So they arranged the biotech audi and provided us a spotlight.

What are your expectations from other IITs?

Most of the IITs don’t have a slam poetry group. As far as we know, people who are participating are doing by themselves. Slam poetry is something that does not take place on a competitive level. There are no rules or a fixed format for a slam. We can write about anything- a story, a social issue, any emotion or incidence. So it will be good opportunity to see what our sister IITs will present.

Any ending remarks?

We are looking forward for good exposure, and I think we’ll definitely get that. Also we are the defending champions so there is a positive pressure on us. Good luck to the incoming teams. We are ready!