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Summer 2019

Summer Diaries: Schlumberger

July 19, 2019
- Layan Kaushik

The idea of exploring different core engineering fields has always excited me. I had already experienced a research project based internship after my 2nd year. So, a leap into the corporate sector was what I sought for since the beginning of my third year.

Schlumberger, what about it?

Schlumberger is the only Oil & Gas services company (read core engineering) that visits our campus and recruits (offering decent package) from almost all departments. In India, they have their bases located at Mumbai, Barmer, Pune (IT segment) and Kakinada - which is where I pursued my internship. The management of the entire Indian East Coast, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and North East India is administered from Kakinada.

Making it there

Although the notice for internship at Schlumberger came early September, but the shortlisting and interview process got delayed and finally took place the following year in the month of April. Due to this delay, the recruitment process was cut short to two rounds - the first being resume shortlisting and followed by a personal interview. They prefer candidates with a decent CGPA (>7) who also have performed reasonably well in co-curricular activities, possess good soft skills and have held various positions of responsibilities throughout their career. A peak in any two of the above mentioned skills and a decent display in the rest can help you grab an internship at Schlumberger. During the personal interview round, few technical questions related to basic engineering knowledge may be asked but more emphasis is given to classic interview questions (‘about yourself’, ‘strengths and weaknesses’, ‘why should we hire you?’, and ‘why Schlumberger?’) to test one’s soft skills.


Previously, the duration of the Internship used to be 4 weeks but this year onwards it has been extended to 7 weeks. Similar to previous internship programmes, all interns at Schlumberger had to attend a 3-day induction programme at Nerul base, Navi Mumbai. There we were introduced to the Oil & Gas Industry and given an extensive demonstration of various safety instructions required to follow religiously while carrying out any job at the workstation. For the rest of the days, we were sent to our allotted locations and segments. I was assigned to the Completions Segment at Schlumberger’s Kakinada base in Andhra Pradesh. On arrival at Kakinada, I was introduced to my team and was assigned a mentor who briefed me about the project. I was working with another intern from IIT Delhi throughout the period of the internship. The project assigned to us was quite simple. The Completions segment recently won a huge ONGC contract, therefore, the segment area was doubled. We were asked to perform 5S lean management method and later develop a layout of the proposed area in accordance with its workflow. More stress was given to learning the oil and gas industry and the tools used in the Completion segment’s work. Apart from this, we were sent to Reliance workshop to get a first-hand experience of how jobs are practically done and also to get our hands dirty. These workshop visits became an everyday affair, which helped us understand the ins and outs of the segment and attain a sense of belonging.

Life at Schlumberger

As stated in the previous few dairies, Schlumberger functions like a relentless well-oiled machine. Employees work round the clock depending on the task assigned. They have a strict ideology of doing the job correctly the first time, hence the pressure on every employee is tremendous. Moreover, they have a stringent HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) policy: working without a proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or driving without the seatbelt fastened can put your job at risk. However, Schlumberger has a very friendly work culture, where help and guidance are always available from fellow employees. The lively atmosphere along with the music which is played in the workshop gives a positive vibe to the workplace. Moreover, frequent movie nights and parties with the team made my stay a little more fun. Schlumberger also provides luxury accommodation for all interns and the Schlumberger base is equipped with ample facilities for leisure activities such as Table Tennis, Gym, Squash courts and rooms for those who want to take a power nap during office hours. Meals and travel are all taken care of quite efficiently and as per requirements.


Kakinada is a small remote industrial city in the eastern coast of India. The weather during my stay was pleasant as monsoon came in early. A recently constructed multiplex made my life more convenient as I could enjoy a few of my favourite food outlets and did not miss out on any of the latest movie releases. The nearest city, Vishakhapatam is a 4-hour drive North from Kakinada but none of the interns could visit as it required prior consent from the management of Schlumberger which made life beyond Kakinada non-existent.

Summing up and key takeaways


The work assigned to an intern is quite basic as more emphasis is given on getting accustomed to the Schlumberger work culture and its lifestyle. One can easily find an excellent peer group with whom he or she can discuss and share things of interest. It was lovely to see the employees make efforts to help all the interns fit in and make everyone feel like home. Few tips for people gunning for it:

  • Be thorough with what you’ve written on your resume.

  • Practice the basic interview questions, preferably give mock interviews.

  • Build your resume while you can.

  • Be calm and confident during the interview.

  • Feel free to contact me for any further questions!