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Summer 2018

Summer Diaries: Uber Technologies

July 26, 2018
- Sajal Sourav

Uber Technologies Inc is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, food delivery, and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 633 cities worldwide.

Making it there:

Uber visited our campus for recruiting interns. The process commenced with the company presentation and was followed by the display of the list of shortlisted candidates. An online coding round was held on the platform HackerRank similar to the monthly contests on codechef ,codeforces , hackerearth , etc . To prepare for this round, I would suggest practicing questions and participating in such monthly contests. This coding round had three questions based on algorithms and data structure . Only those candidates who were able to solve all three questions were shortlisted for the interview round . Three rounds of interviews were held, two of which were technical and one was the HR round. In the first technical round, questions asked were mainly from the topic algorithms , data structure ,operating system and networking . In the second round questions were asked from the projects mentioned in the resume.



In Uber, interns are treated at the same level as the employees and granted all the privileges . The work environment is good and all the employees and staff are very friendly and always ready to help. The working hours are very flexible and we worked according to our convenience. A mentor was assigned to every intern who supervised all the work done by the intern . The projects assigned were interesting, challenging and impactful. I was in the Risk team and my project was to build a service that would help agents in the investigation of fraudulent trips. Inspite of being an intern, I was given full freedom to take design decisions of the service. Reviews were held at regular interval to track an intern’s progress and useful feedbacks were given after the review by the team members.Towards the end of internship a final presentation and demo was held in which all teams were invited.


I was assigned to Uber Hyderabad Office. In Hyderabad accommodation is easily available at very cheap rates. I chose to live in the vicinity of my office. Food in hyderabad was also quite good.


The internship offered me a good opportunity to expand my technical knowledge. I got to learn how an industry works and how employees manage their jobs in the corporate world. I realized that building something really useful in life is the real challenge. Internship gives you a great opportunity to figure out what you really want to do for the rest of your life.