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Summer 2018

Summer Diaries: J.P Morgan Chase

July 13, 2018
- Rajendra Thottempudi

J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. is a leading global financial services firm and one of the largest banking institutions in the United States with operations spread over 60 countries.

Making it There :


This was the first time JPMC visited our campus for recruitment. Their recruitment process is pretty similar to that of other tech firms.The first step is the shortlisting of resumes, for which a minimum CG criterion is specified. It then consists of a preliminary round followed by two interviews.

  1. The preliminary test consists of two sections, aptitude and programming. Make sure you give importance to aptitude as well.
  2. Interviews: There are two rounds of technical interviews, followed by an HR round. Standard questions of Data Structures and Algorithms are asked in the technical round so go through them, preferably from geeksforgeeks. Apart from DS, JPMC is keen on various concepts of Object Oriented Programming, so you can expect a few questions based on OOP in interviews. Finally, they ask specifics of some of the projects from your resume. The HR interview is pretty easy as they just try to know you better. Communication skills play a key role in this round. Express yourself clearly and that’s pretty much all it takes to get into JPMC.

Life At JPMC :

The initial days consisted of an induction programme, where they give you a brief introduction of the organisation, which frankly gets a bit boring after a while. At the end of the induction, every intern is assigned a Manager and a Buddy, who helps you with most of the things in the beginning.

Speaking of myself, I was a part of the Performance and Monitoring team, which monitors various services and continuously strives to improve the performance of the applications so as to make them easier for the end customer to use. The best thing about the culture here is that once you are in a team, there is no difference between an intern and an employee. In fact my team members (other than my manager) didn’t know that I was an intern until I mentioned it to them. I was given two projects primarily, one of which was related to research wherein I had to understand several concepts of machine learning and their use cases for the organisation through a tool named Splunk, which is basically used for log monitoring. The second project comprised of creating an interactive chatbot for a specific purpose (now this is confidential :) ).

Coming to the culture at the organisation, the people around are extremely friendly, and there are several activities which the employees can be a part of. These include sports, representing the organisation at an NGO etc. Regular hackathons are also conducted to harvest new ideas, and the project can be related to any area of your interest. The work hours vary from team to team, but from what I observed they are very flexible and all that matters is getting the job done on time. The manager guides us a lot throughout the tenure, not just technically but in a career perspective as well. My stay was in Hyderabad and it’s a beautiful city to live in.


Summing it Up!

The two month experience in JPMC has taught me a ton of things. I used to think that life at a corporate organisation would get monotonous with time, but now after interacting with a lot of people I believe that it gets monotonous only if we stop taking the impetus to make things interesting. So, if you keep yourselves motivated and enthusiastic, it’s fun to be at JPMC!

Your summer internship has the potential to give you a lot of exposure related to various things in the industry, so interact with as many people as possible, know the way they have structured their careers and ensure that you have a vivid path in front of you.

Finally, I believe that every one of us has got the skills that are required to get an internship in the fields of our interest, we just have to work to hone our skills and make them better. All the best!