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The Story of Audegn

February 5, 2014

Audegn, a word one had never heard before is now being emerging as the most successful start-up on campus. With a modest start through a freelance project. Founded by Sonesh Jain (B.Arch 5th Yr.) along with four others in his second at IITR, Audegn has grown exponentially with a turnover of Rs. 2.76 Crore as of Sept. 2013. Although all the 4 others left, Sonesh paved the way for Audegn to make it what it is today.

##The Beginning

It all started with a freelance project done for a Bangalore firm from his hostel room in college when one of the Sonesh’s design was spotted by a friend’s friend who offered him a project which was done under the name of Design Desk. With time it evolved into Audegn and began its operations from March 2, 2011.

##The Roller-Coaster Ride

The initial members were individually perfect but their combination wasn’t. They failed as a team. Priorities, vision, modus operandi and most importantly the amount of dedication differed which gave them a rocky start. The team went through a lot of emotions causing frustration and exhaustion at times. Eventually, later in 2012, each one of them opted out of Audegn except for Sonesh. Sonesh considered Audegn his only life. From designing to dealing with clients to branding to managing operations, he did everything for the company. In short, Sonesh and Audegn became synonyms.

##Current Status

There was a brief time recntly during which operations of Audegn stopped. But with a new vigour, the team has bounced back and did so with a boom.The current team includes Aman Awasthy, Rishab Garodia, Anirudh Mittal and Amlan Mishra, all from third year Architecture with Sonesh leading them.

##What does ‘Audegn’ exactly do?

Initially, their services were limited to advertising designs but they have diversified with time. Anything and everything ‘seen’ about a company now lies in their spectrum of services offered. From logo designing, identity, product designing, content writing, online campaigns to social media management, Audegn does it all. Designing solutions, web designing, apparel designing and architecture of the modernist philosophy too come under their services.


  • Winner logo of ‘BRICS India Sumit 2013’
  • ‘IITR heritage fund entrepreneurs award 2012’
  • ‘EO GSEA Student entrepreneur of the year (India) 2012’
  • ‘Tata NEN hottest startup of the year 2012’ - ended ninth among 100 entries.
  • Kuzart lane big fight winner
  • Chief branding officer of RaysExpert

##In conversation with founder and CEO, Sonesh

Q. Why was a break taken at a time when Audegn had one of its most successful years and what future do you see for it?
A. Although Audegn was doing well, it had the potential to grow into something much bigger. The services we provided were also increasing. As the saying goes ‘Take a step backward in order to leap further forward.’ Therefore to bounce back with greater vigour, the break was needed. I see it amongst top branding companies across the globe in future.

Q. How did Audegn grow and what challenges did you face?
A. Challenges we faced were many and we did fail a lot of times. Maintaining acads, saving and reinvesting, team spirit is what we weren’t able to manage. But we survived and so did Audegn only because we kept moving forward. Participating into various events, exhausting our network and long hours of work we put in did all the miracle..

Q. What sets you apart from your competitors?
A. Dedicated client relationship, designing responsibly, designing from scratch, understanding clients needs and nurturing them, fresh thinking, the amount of dedication we put in and the importance we give to detail sets us apart from most of others in this area.

Q. What advice do you give for budding entrepreneurs?
A. Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted. Money you enjoy wasting is wasted. Save your money and learn the art of Jugaad. Secondly, find time to call back at home or someone who loves you, for things you love and for yourself. It will give you the much needed spirit to carry on. Lastly, think big plus think all the time. I assure you that you will make it happen if your thoughts reflect in your work. Finally, I believe we should believe in what our heart believes.

Audegn’s story is indeed exemplary and Team EDC wishes Sonesh and his team a prosperous road ahead.