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All he could see were faceless figures murmuring in stark darkness. In the middle stood the instrument. A neon spark …

The moment a student sets foot on the campus, he or she stares down a long race-course like stretch of land leading to his/her bhawan, and a longer one from there to the LHC. Traversing this distance on foot early in the morning goes from easy-...

The first few weeks in R-land often tend to be overwhelming. In these days of ecstasy, the “quality” of mess food is quite easy to overlook.

The makings of a nefarious orwellian system of surveillance, intrusion, and behavioural conditioning


OCT 25, 2017

The Students’ Affairs Council, after its latest meeting, announced that it shall be taking up the proposal for a new app, which shall be developed with the help of the Mobile Development Group of IIT Roorkee.

A month after the breaking of the metaphorical “pinjra”, IITR has seen a palpable change in the levels of security and surveillance employed in the campus. One of the oft cited challenges to the free-campus movement was the lack of security and...

Cognizance is indubitably the biggest of IITR’s army of fests. It has been fondly described as the 2nd largest technical festival in Asia.

Mr. Admin walks into the room with a black monkey-mask on. Our first instinct is that we are going to be mugged, but we realise that no one has any usable money left. He takes a seat and crosses his legs.

Under the guidance of the Humanities Department, several thought provoking sign boards have been installed all over the campus. These signs have a simple objective. To make the students take a moment’s break from their busy lives and be conscio...

Disclaimer: All animals harmed while researching for this article had signed complicated consent forms.

Pheking news interviews Faking news. Umm, what?