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We’re inviting contributions from the entire IIT Roorkee community, from people who would like to write and design for us. In trying to be your voice, we are taking up an initiative to publish what you have to say on our website, our social media handles, and our periodic print issues.

What you can send

We welcome an assortment of mediums for you to opine on the relevant issues that IIT Roorkee has been dealing with, among other things. Any artistic/literary instrument you’d like to use, be it open letters, blogs, editorials, personal commentaries, op-eds, satires, or even comics that make your point, would be appreciated.

What gets published

The entire point of the exercise is to attract a wider base of columnists and external correspondents with varying schools of thought for our channels. We have no set criteria or rules that we’d like you to abide to, thereby encouraging you to find comfort in what you write. If you’re good at being funny, or maybe even downright serious, be our guest! Your drafts, however, would most likely be the starting point of the whole process, as we’d like to have our editors suggest ways to make your point clearer, and indulge in fact-checking your contribution. We will, additionally, sway away from articles that have any forms of personal attacks, or inflammatory and defamatory content. After editing your submission, we shall always show you the final version, and if we can’t agree on it, rest assured, you can withdraw your submission.


Anything that makes way to our mediums, shall be accompanied by due credits to the contributor.

Get in touch

Send your submissions to at any time of any day. You can also talk to any one of our members, or drop us a message on our Facebook page.
The final decision on publishing a contribution rests with Watch Out. We reserve the right of using our discretion to make the decision to go ahead with your contribution.